What is Recorders Court

Recorders Court

What is Recorders Court?:

In Chatham County, Recorder’s Court is the place where almost all cases begin their journey. The majority of the work takes place in the courtroom with First Appearance hearings, Bond Hearings, and Preliminary Hearings. In relation to bonds, this makes Recorder's Court a first line of defense between violent offenders and the general public

After a crime has been committed and an arrest made, Recorder’s Court is the defendant’s first time meeting with a judge. It is also the first opportunity a victim of a crime has to speak with the Court.

Recorder’s Court is an important first step in reviewing:

1. Why was someone arrested?

2. What were the circumstances of that arrest?

3. Does the arrest appear to be based on good law and police work?

4. Are there any immediate defenses?

5. Does the victim have anything that needs to be said? Is the victim opposed to bond, in need of a no contact order, or does the victim feel like the defendant should not have been arrested.

Outside of these first-time in-court proceedings, Recorder’s Court is also where all traffic tickets for violations occurring within the Savannah city limits occur. Traffic law in Georgia is expansive, taking up several chapters of the Georgia Code.

It is important to have someone in this position that understands the law, the consequences, and the available defenses for these violations.

Also, Recorder’s Court is engaged in many other additional duties such as: red light camera tickets, parking violations, and the very important process of signing search warrants. I am familiar with the process and the important nuances associated with search warrants and, above all, know how important the process is.